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15 Apr
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4 Creative Ways to Fund Raise

In our modern world of instant gratification, incessant media messaging and inertia caused by too many choices, it is no longer survival of the fittest, nor even the smartest, in the 21st century we’re looking at survival of the most creative. As an individual, a business, and yes, as an NPO, to truly succeed in this wacky world you have to stand out from all the rest vying for attention. And how do you do this? By living up to every struggling high school kid’s dream – of being original, of being creative, the one and only – uniquely you.

As NPO’s you may find it increasingly difficult to raise sufficient funds as the demands for donations rise and possible donors are whipped from one collection tin to the next. Something needs to change but you’re just now sure how. Your stalwart methods aren’t up to it anymore but you feel stuck in the mud with no clear path of action.

As NPO’s, when it comes to raising funds and getting the donations you need – it’s time to dare to do things differently.

Below we’ve come up with 4 new and creative ways to fund raise that will have your proverbial tin shining brighter than the rest, ensuring an influx of support for your increased success.  


1. Crowd Fund

We just can’t dispute that in today’s modern age, the cash flow we crave is most likely to be found online. People are spending more of their time and money in the virtual arena so it just makes sense that this too is where the donations are being divvied. Crowdfunding is fast becoming one of the most effective means of online fundraising.

Originally a way for tech companies to source funding for product development, crowdfunding is now a top choice for NPOs, community projects and charities.

Some benefits include using a precoded microplatfrom for cause promotion rather than requiring the techie skills and know-how to create an entire website from scratch, easily broadening your new donor reach, and all but diminishing fundraising overheads.

Check out these top crowdfunding sites for NPOs to get your campaign started.


2. Peer-to-peer Fundraising

Also known as social or team funding, this is a method whereby your supporters do the leg work for you, spreading the good word about your cause and getting the money bag rolling.

“Peer-to-peer fundraising catapults your supporters and donors in your organization’s narrative; it is powerful and increasingly popular because the fundraisers become the heroes of the story.” – Rob Wu, CEO of CauseVox

Rather than rely on tried and tested (and let’s be honest, oftentimes tried and failed) methods of asking for donations, peer-to-peer-fundraising actively involves your supporters as leading characters in the noble quest of your cause. Any social event that brings people together such as charity runs, bake sales, garage sales or gala dinners are great opportunities for this fun way of fundraising. Benefits include the leveraging and empowering of existing supporter networks rather than the need to expand and establish into unknown circles, maximising coverage with the need for very little resources, as well as getting the community vibe going.

Check out these epic P2P fundraising platforms for NPOs to take your cause online and rally the support of your loyal following.


3. Give a Guided Hike

If the intricate threads of the world wide web set your head spinning, get that heart-rate down and feel the earth beneath your feet, they’re a couple of twists on more traditional methods that might suit you better. If you’re an NPO set on environmental evangelism, why not offer your supporters an educational jaunt in nature?  Hire an expert naturalist, bird spotter or trekker and take people on a guided hike through a local forest, nature park or mountain trail. Charge a small donation fee and round the day off with a potluck picnic where people can learn more about all the good work you do, how they can get involved and what their funds will be used for.


4. Winery Tour

This is one especially suited for NPOs nestled near the wine growing regions of the country. How about approaching a small local farm that’s usually closed to the public and requesting a private winery tour? This unique outing could lend attendees the opportunity to learn about the climate conditions of the area, develop a deeper sense of appreciation for Mother Nature and of course savour a sweet nectar while listening in on the nature of your own cause. Rustling together a raffle to win a case of the farm’s best bottles could cap off the experience in a win win fashion.

This needn’t be restricted to the Western Cape alone, how about approaching a small scale restaurant or bakery and hosting a private dinner, putting on a show at a local theatre or taking participants on a brewery tour.

Suss out unique experiences for your supporters, request a small donation to join the fun and reap the extra benefit helping to support small businesses along the way.


Whether you cash in online or off, there are many ways these days to be more creative in how you fund raise. Join our fast-growing network of NPOs to get all the support you need in increasing donors and spreading the good word about your good deeds.

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