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5 Unexpected Benefits to Volunteering

We live hectic lives these days, and sometimes making time to volunteer can seem like an impossible task. Yet, volunteering can have significant benefits for not only the organisations you help, but for your career and relationships too. Here’s how…

1. The more time you give away, the more time you feel you have

In several studies conducted by Wharton Business School’s Cassie Mogilner, it was found that when people spend time helping others (as opposed to spending time on themselves or not doing anything at all), they actually feel like they have more time themselves, not less. The reason behind this is because when you help someone else, you will feel “more capable, confident, and useful”. Check out an interview with Mogiliner on HBR. Pretty cool right?

2. It is great for your health

No really, it is… According to a study by United Healthcare:
– 76% of people felt healthier after volunteering for a year
– 94% of people had improved overall mood after volunteering for a year
– 78% of people reported decreased stress levels after volunteering for a year
Forget those bottles of vitamin supplements and piles of self-help books, and get volunteering

3. Recruiters love volunteers

Featuring your volunteering activities on your social media accounts, CV and LinkedIn profile will count in your favour when going for a new job – especially if you are a recent grad and are entering the job market with very little real-world experience. Not only will you gain experience to put on your CV, but it will also allow you to build a professional network and potential references for your work ethic and attitude. Matching a volunteering opportunity to your skills for a cause that you’re passionate about will set you up for career success. Yes!

4. You’ll learn new skills

Volunteering helps you to build skills that your current job or school might not enable. Soft skills such as leadership, people skills, teamwork, negotiation; as well as events management, social media or teaching, are all skills that excellent volunteering opportunities could offer you. 

5. Meet like-minded changemakers

Of course, perhaps the most powerful part of volunteering (especially through a social network such as Brownie Points) is the opportunity to meet people in your communities who are passionate about the same causes as you, think the same way, and are actively looking to bring about change in South Africa. Who knows what cool projects could spin off from a volunteering day? 🙂

If you’re excited and ready to start volunteering in 2017, helping fantastic organisations in your community to have a positive impact, then browse volunteering opportunities with our Nonprofit Partners. Oh, and don’t forget a 6th benefit of volunteering… you’ll earn brownie points to spend in our Rewards Hub. Sweet!

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Brownie Points
Mercia Poggenpoel
July 17, 2017 4:00 PM Reply

I know I signed up for Brownie points do you get point or a specific number ,I volunteer Wednesdays and Saturdays at Read to Rise Non Profit Organisation.

Brownie Points Team
July 19, 2017 6:50 PM Reply

Hi Mercia

That’s fantastic!

You earn brownie points for signing up to and attending volunteering opportunities. Read to Rise will complete each volunteering opportunity after the date has passed, after which you should be getting your redeemable brownie points. We are working on creating repeat volunteering opportunities, like the one in your case, so organisations do not have to keep creating events like these on an ongoing basis.

If you have any other questions, feel free get in touch at [email protected].

We love to engage with our volunteers 🙂

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