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A Cape Town School made 3972 sandwiches for those less fortunate.

A Cape Town School made 3972 sandwiches for those less fortunate.

While Covid-19 has been devastating it has also made many of us more aware of those around us, made us empathetic and reminded us how easy and rewarding it is to help others.

The French School of Cape Town wanted to use their annual Solidarity Week to unite students and parents in an effort to help their greater community by making sandwiches for the Ladles of Love Sandwich Drive.

Ladles of Love is a Cape Town based NPO, originally a soup kitchen for the homeless and now an organisation collecting food and distributing through charities and community networks to feed thousands of hungry people every day.

The French School of Cape Town partnered up with Brownie Points as a digital partner to co-ordinate and track the students and parents sandwich donations.

Brownie Points made it easy to share the cause with the school while each student or parent could commit to a day or location that suited them, while getting regular reminders and updates.

In just 1 week the school was able to track 3972 Sandwiches made and delivered to ladles of Love. We also got word of families outside of the school being inspired by this and doing the same. It’s always amazing to see how one good deed can inspire many more.

The Sandwich Drive campaign did more than feed hungry people, we received some of the most heart warming feedback.

  • The Sandwich Drive brought a whole family together for the first time in years. Everyone gave up their personal activities to help others.
  • It gave children struggling with the uncertainty a feeling of purpose.
  • It made kids feel good and proud.
  • It made kids and families aware of those around them.
  • It made helping others fun and easy.

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