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18 Jan
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Why You Should Tell Your CEO About Brownie Points

As consciousness spreads the globe, more and more of us are waking up to the dire need to give back to the planet what we have taken out. And corporates are fast jumping onto this benefactor bandwagon. Corporate Social Responsibility programs are the new buzz in the business world and are almost a necessity to keep face in our millennial dominated industry.

Nowadays customers and employees alike want to know that the products they buy and businesses they support are doing their bit to serve our world and our communities. So if your CEO is thinking of starting a CSR program, or already has the wheels on one turning, here’s why he/she needs to know about Brownie Points.


How Brownie Points Benefits Companies

In a nutshell, Brownie Points takes the effort out of your corporate social responsibility efforts. All from one platform you can easily manage your employee involvement, track metrics, reward engagement and connect to a wide network of reputable NPOs across South Africa.

And the best part? We do all of this for you.

“Brownie Points saves you time and energy, increases your team’s engagement and grows your impact.”

From the firm foundation of nationwide NPOs and volunteers we’ve created, we’re now in the blueprint stage of building up our platform to support CSR needs. At the moment this includes matching donations from employees, facilitating and rewarding staff volunteering, and soon-to-be secure and easy online donations, with many more exciting plans for the near future.  


The Future Benefits of Brownie Points for Companies

So what can companies expect when signing up to Brownie Points?

NPO vetting – we’ll vet all nonprofit organisations for you, providing you direct access to reputable organisations that align with your brand  and company goals.

Team building – create teams for different departments or cross-departmentally so to create company culture and foster new social ties within your business.

Create and support initiatives – whether this includes volunteering or donations of goods and money.

Online employee check-in  – this employees can easily do themselves. Gone are the frustrating and time consuming days of maintaining attendance spreadsheets.

Extensive reporting – all data in one place, including volunteering hours, engagement scores and impact made across different sectors. Come time for that  company budget meeting – we’ve got you covered!

Goal setting and tracking – Set goals for each team member and/or for teams e.g. 4 hours per month of volunteering.

Rewards – set up rewards for your staff (e.g. one day leave) or choose to sponsor rewards for volunteers and get more loyal customers.

Manage payroll changes – this can all easily be managed from our platform.


In addition to all this, we are focusing on growing our platform to include more sustainability and company culture related offerings.

So if your CEO is ready to get started, or has already signed up and is anticipating the next step, contact us directly and we’ll gladly help your company get the most out of your CSR program.


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