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Do More Foundation aim to break a world record making 100,000 sandwiches in 1 hour on World Food Day

16 October is World Food Day and Do More Foundation is attempting to break the world record by making 100,000 sandwiches in 1 hour.

Companies and volunteers have signed up on Brownie Points, committing time and donating food to make this possible.

The momentum really started building last week. Just 7 days ago, Do More Foundation had 280 volunteers and collectively 2,000 staff from corporates showed interest to participate. This morning, Do More Foundation have over 790 volunteers signed up over and above the incredible corporate support they’ve received so far.

Most of the sandwich-making venues are private corporate events, just for staff to participate. However, Do More Foundation created 3 big public events in Malelane, Worcester and Durban, where anyone can sign up to #DoMore.

At 10h00 today the race to make 100,000 sandwiches starts. Good luck to Warren and his team.

Do More Foundation partnered with Brownie Points to track volunteers and results. Brownie Points is a digital system that makes it really easy for nonprofit organisations, schools and businesses to create campaigns like Do More Foundation’s World Food Day 2019 campaign, with its 40+ causes to engage the public and companies. Brownie Points helps set goals, remind volunteers and track the impact. Brownie Points also offers a dashboard to help manage, empower and track staff and community volunteering.

If you want to take part, host your own or find out more on the Brownie Points website.

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