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Dysfunctional or disengaged NPO Governing Bodies? Here’s What To Do

At Third Sector Insights we frequently hear the following statement:

We have a dysfunctional or disengaged Governing Body (Board)

Although this may be an accurate statement, it may not necessarily be a fair one. Many governing body members accept a position onto a governing body with the best intent and passion for the social issue being addressed. However, the majority of the time when we hear the above statement, it is generally through no fault of the governing body member, but rather as a result of many factors.

We regularly make the mistake of thinking that because the person has accepted a position onto ‘our board’ that they are equipped to fulfill that function.

But that is not necessarily so. To find out, ten critical questions that need to be answered.

Determine Where The Potential Problem Lies

1) Does your non-profit organisation (NPO) have a governing body (Board)?
2) Do your Board members get involved in fundraising?
3) Does your Board meet regularly? At least four times per year.
4) Are new Board members taken through a board orientation process?
5) Do your Board members know what type of NPO organisation you are? For
example: Nonprofit Company (NPC), Nonprofit Trust (NPT) or Voluntary
Association (VA).
6) Does the organisation have a Board and CEO succession plan in place?
7) Is there a skills matrix of the current Board in place?
8) Do your Board members know what their roles and responsibilities are?
9) Does your organisation have a code of good practice? Such as the
Independent Code of Good Practice for NPO’s etc?
10) Does your Board conduct regular Board performance evaluations?

If you answered NO to more than three of the questions above, your board needs board development.

We know that governing body (board) members have busy lives outside of their board responsibilities. It is therefore incumbent upon NPOs to ensure that they have a strategy in place to assist their governing body members to be more effective and efficient in the discharging of their duties on behalf of the stake holders and beneficiaries.

Time is critical, so leveraging technology and the convenience of e-learning, has become an attractive means by which NPOs can assist their governing body members. Third Sector Insights NPT realises this, and have developed an e-learning programme specifically designed for executives and governing body members of nonprofit organisations.

The Solution? Our Governance e-learning Programme

We know our NPO governing body members live busy lives, therefor, in the privacy of their office or home they can register and go through the ourGOVERNANCE © RSA e-learning programme at a pace which suits their work schedule. The programme has recently been updated to incorporate the relevant legislation, codes of good practice and other important issues which governing body members need to be aware of to fully discharge their duties on behalf of the stakeholders and beneficiaries.




We are excited to be offering this amazing personal governance development experience to the Brownie Points Blog readers at a 50% discount on the normal fee of R1200.00. The offer is valid until 31st August 2019.

To register go to: www.thirdsector.co.za and follow the prompts. Use the following discount
code: 580BA70807 when prompted at the PayFast check out. Each governing body member
will only be paying R600.00 for the programme.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ourGOVERNANCE © programme and wish you
well as you strengthen your personal governing body skills and knowledge.

Onward to excellence at the Governing body level of all NPO’s.

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Malcolm Boyd
Founder and Managing Partner of Third Sector Insights.

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