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21 Dec
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Guidelines to Create Your NPO Social Media Strategy

As an NPO, social media is a golden gateway to expanding your reach, publicising your cause, and creating a community of volunteers and donors. But not many NPO’s know how best to tap into this cost-free and risk-free marketing.


In our previous post we discussed how NPO’s use social media to create community, outlying the various benefits of this. Now that you have your community (or the beginning stages of one) we take it step further, giving you guidelines to creating an epic social media strategy for your NPO.


1. Integrate Social Into Your Overall Company Strategy


Before you start summing up the likes and tallying the targets, you need to align your social strategy with your company goals. Start by asking how you can maximise your social engagement to help achieve your overall targets. Consider how the content you share and the community you create can tie into your digital and communications strategy.


“Social media shouldn’t be out there alone; it should be integrated and aligned with your strategic goals and target audiences,” said Beth Kanter, Nonprofit Consultant


2. Set Your Social Media Targets

Now you know what direction your strategy is heading in, take time to set social targets. This can help you choose which platforms to focus on the most, what type of content to create, how regularly to send out posts, who your ideal audience is etc. And don’t just set these targets to swiftly forget them –  track your monthly metrics. Use these free analytics tools to monitor engagement, see what posts reach the desired results and more.


3. Sniff Out Where Your Audience Is

The sheer amount of social platforms and networks out there can be overwhelming. But, rather than trying to conquer them all (and driving yourself bat crazy in the process), choose three or four sites your specific audience most likes to hang out on. And then tailor and focus your content to these people and platforms. You’ll see much faster results if you sharpen your efforts, and adapt communication to your unique community.


“A lot of nonprofits say, ‘well, our audience is the general public,’ but if you think you’re speaking to the general public, you’re probably speaking to nobody,” Bridgett Colling, Director of Content Marketing at See3 Communications


4. Create a Content Strategy

Now that you have your targets, metrics, audience and platforms in place, it’s time to stock up your content bank. Save yourself stress by planning each month ahead. Use your targets to determine what content to create, and remember to include any special events or projects you might have going on. Make use of the variety of tools available to help you prioritise your posts and save a lot of time in the long run.


5. Post and Engage Consistently

You can have as shiny and bright social media strategy as you like, but if you fail to post and interact with your audience regularly, your plan will fall flat. Social media is “social” for a reason – its success lies in engagement. In addition to posting on a regular basis, interact with those in your community – comment on other’s posts, share and repost any interesting content and partner with other NPOs as regular contributors or guest bloggers.


If you’re still a bit stuck on how to play this social media game, check out our other posts on NPO best practices, or get in touch, we’re happy to help 🙂



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