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04 Sep
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Introducing Giving Tuesday South Africa

In keeping the spirit and the vibe of Mandela Day alive, I’d like to introduce you and South Africa to another amazing initiative focused on giving back: #GivingTuesdaySA. Pop this into your diaries for 27 November 2018 and start planning!

As the more impactful sister to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this is the most important date in the global philanthropic calendar as it launches the giving season each November. Celebrated on the Tuesday after the increasingly popular shopping days, #GivingTuesdaySA aims to shift the focus back to what matters: the spirit of the holidays and giving. Based on the way South Africa has taken to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I see no reason that Giving Tuesday can’t also be a powerful feature in the South African calendar.

Over the course of the next few months, I will share more about this global movement, and how you can get involved, either as a non-profit, community group, individual, or as a business. First things first, #GivingTuesdaySA is not about a specific cause, or organisation, or NPO, but about mobilising people to give to a cause that’s important to them – be it Hospice, animals, youth, human rights or the environment. It is about mobilising people around the common idea of giving, because we believe everyone has something to give.

The focus is really on giving an amount that is meaningful to you to a cause that is meaningful to you.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving – it is co-owned by you! Citizens, organisers and communities from around the world. We are launching formally for the first time in South Africa this November 27th . Mark your calendars and join the movement.

How can I get involved?

We want to start a movement around giving that is equally as prioritized as Black Friday and Cyber Monday! We want individuals to give to causes that are meaningful to them at amounts that are meaningful to them. We want you to share this gift – the how and the why – so that others can be mobilised to support that organisation or another that is meaningful to them. We want corporations to highlight their financial giving via a press release or their social media accounts, and what they are already doing, as well as try new and innovative ways to mobilise employees or customers.

And we want NPOs to drive campaigns for giving based on their needs so we can make our best efforts to match gifts with what is needed most in society.

Visit our website for more information or send us an email to ask for more resources and tools to get involved. There are also tons of case studies as to how the day has manifested itself globally since 2012. Visit our site for more info.

How does it differ from Mandela Day?

The ethos of the two days are very similar. We are planting another seed in the giving calendar, with a stronger focus on financial giving with #GivingTuesdaySA. All gifts are meaningful assuming they come with a giving spirit and without expecting anything in return.

In future posts I look forward to examining the art of giving, and the complexity that is built into it, the trends in giving, and even the power dynamic often part of giving. We will discuss the reality of fundraising, how similar it actually is to dating, as well as how we can guide conversations with donors / partners / corporates to make sure resources end up in the hands that need them. We will also explore how we better match needs with gifts, and on how both the “giver” and the “givee” can guide those more honest and open conversations.


For now, follow us on social media @GivingTuesdaySA, visit and start planning how you can participate meaningfully in your own way on #GivingTuesdaySA, 27 November this year.


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