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16 Aug
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The Leaders of Tomorrow Need our Leadership Today

We all have big dreams but many of us live our entire lives without attaining those dreams. Well, what if you knew there was a quick and sure-fire way to not only reach your biggest goals, but to help those in need to do the same too- would you do it?

Well, this is your chance.

Meet Lwazi, a third year medical student at University of Stellenbosch and scholar of the MAD (Make a Difference) Leadership Foundation. He has a dream. A big dream.

And you can help him reach it.

Are you ready?


By choosing to support tomorrow’s leaders today, you really can change the course of someone’s life

A donation or an hour of your time in support of the MAD Leadership Foundation can make a real difference in the life of South Africa’s future leaders. In fact, it is only with your continued support that we can confidently call them our country’s leaders of tomorrow.

Before Lwazi enrolled in the MAD Leadership Foundation in 2015, his dream of being a Cardiothoracic Surgeon was beyond his wildest imagination. He was simply unable to financially afford a tertiary education. But, through the help of the MAD Leadership Foundation, he was given the comprehensive investment and support as well as the academic and leadership development needed to pursue his dream.

Through a long-term, comprehensive and personal approach, every scholar in the foundation is provided mentorship, leadership, academic and personal aid through the duration of their high school and tertiary degree.

“Being a part of MAD Leadership Foundation has inspired me to dream bigger and aspire to be an agent of change in South Africa.” – Lwazi

Lwazi believes that even the smallest good deed has a major impact on people, as it can inspire them to change and become better people. His dream is for the communities he lives in to become better places through the helping hands of those willing to help. His vision is that education should start at home before it starts at school so that our South African communities can develop young people who are education driven, inspired and motivated.

We at Brownie Points full-heartedly share this dream. Sign up as a volunteer or donor and lend a helping hand to the MAD Foundation. Together we can make our biggest dreams come true by helping those in need to achieve theirs too. 

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