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How to Maximise Facebook for your NPO

Very few nonprofit organisations spend valuable time and resources on social media, yet those that do really reap the rewards!

Facebook pages, in particular, are incredibly fruitful advertising tools and can be free or paid for. Throw away your perceptions of spam and personal stalking – when it comes down to it, Facebook is a fantastic tool to increase brand awareness (and your network of supporters), spread your organisation’s message, and share your good news.

Facebook as a free tool

Most nonprofits may have some form of Facebook presence, but have you spent the time to create or review your organisation’s page? It should clearly communicate who you are and what you do. Here are a few tips for you:

  1. Share your news.

NPOs can use Facebook for free to share news of any type – this may be blasts of information, your blog posts, good news, a change of information, request for help, and more.Learning In Reach Facebook News Post with Images


  1. Share your content.

Do you have a blog? Was your organisation featured on someone else’s blog or in the media recently? Any content that has been written by you or about you can be shared on Facebook. Not only does sharing content add value to your Facebook audience, but it also builds trust and loyalty for your organisation, as well as keeping your followers up to date with your latest news and achievements.

  1. Share your media.

Facebook is a fantastic tool to share your pictures, videos, sound clips and any media you have. 

  • To share your pictures –  create an album; give it a title and description; and tag people in the pictures. Tagging people in pictures helps ensure that their friends and family will see the photo, and therefore your organisation’s page.
  • With videos, it is best to upload the raw video onto Facebook directly, rather than sharing the YouTube link on your page. This way, when a user is scrolling through Facebook, it will play automatically, which ensures more people will see your video. Give your video a relevant title and description.
  1. Create events

Facebook allows you to create events and share these events to other pages, as well as invite people to these events. As an NPO you can create an event for a volunteering opportunity, and ask for volunteers directly from your Facebook page. Once the event has been created, it is best to share it on your own page, and then to other relevant pages or profiles too. 

  1. Add a `Donate Now` Call To Action (CTA) on your page.

Here are the steps to follow to add a Donate Now button to your NPO page:

  • Go to your Page’s cover photo and click + Add a Button
  • Choose the call-to-action Donate Now
  • Enter your Brownie Points profile URL
  • Click Create
  • Test the link

Donate CTA button on an NPO's Facebook page

Facebook for paid advertising

Using Facebook, you can create very targeted, paid advertising campaigns. These campaigns can be used to generate awareness, traffic to your site, page likes, and more!

There are two options:

  1. Boost an existing post.

When you post to your Facebook page and you realise that the post is generating a lot of engagement, it might be worth your while to boost this post. To boost a post, you pay for it to reach a wider audience.

  1. Create a targeted advert

In your Ads Manager, create a targeted advert to the audience of your choice. You can specify demographics, your price limit, the start and end dates of your campaign. When you insert an image for your advert it is important to remember not to put too much text on your image. Images with less text on them perform better than images with lots of text on them. Use this as a guideline. Be very specific with who you target, as this will affect your cost per click.

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