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Microvolunteering – big rewards for small actions

To tap into microvolunteering, the hottest trend circulating the philanthropy scene – all you need is a minute or two of your time and a desire to do good.

Micro-  what? We hear ya, check out this video to see what it’s all about:

What is Microvolunteering?

Microvolunteering balances our need for instant satisfaction with our modern mantra of not enough hours in a day to do what we say. In less than a minute, with a tap of your touch screen, you can tick off your good Samaritan deed for the day. Microvolunteering is a multi-faceted medium that requires very little time and no recurring commitment. It can be as simple as signing a petition, retweeting a charity’s tweet or donating a dollar or dime from your Paypal account.

Being constantly plugged in to the web these days, our fingers are adequately trained to slide across our screens, so it makes sense then that would-be volunteers across the globe are now channeling their airtime into do-good time. With the advent of apps it’s never been easier to squeeze in time for giving back. Nowadays you can volunteer between work appointments, while sitting in traffic or even when walking those miles on the treadmill at gym.

“The trend towards short-term volunteering from the weekend or one day warrior to the microvolunteer is no longer a trend but a fact“ – Susan J Ellis

Although 80% of microvolunteering takes place in the online space – it doesn’t have to be limited to digital deeds. Helping an elderly person across the street, planting a tree or telling a friend about an upcoming NPO event can all be considered microvolunteering.

Considering how easy it is, there’s really no excuse to not be a microvolunteer.

The Benefits of Microvolunteering For NPOs

Microvolunteering is a great opportunity for NPOs to supplement the support they need. It’s often easier to request only a smidgen of someone’s time or skills than ask them to commit to a full day of giving back. Asking for help in easier to perform, bite-sized chunks, means you’ll be able to reach a wider audience of skilled busy bee do-gooders who want to give back but have to fit it into an already overflowing timetable. 

The Benefits of Microvolunteering For Companies

Through microvolunteering, you can satisfactorily reach your corporate social responsibility goals by ensuring your employees give back while still giving in their time at work.They can easily manage their do-good microactions between managing their schedules and workload. Taking time between tasks to relax the brain and refocus on fun, creative and rewarding actions will keep your employees feeling inspired and productive. And, not to mention, there will be a flood of feel-good hormones helping them stay happy and uplifted all-day long.

Every little action counts, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. So, if you haven’t already, sign up for Brownie Points and consider your first microvolunteering action done for the day. 

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