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Offering You A Helping Hand

This is not a job, it becomes a lifestyle – it takes far more commitment than an 8h00 to 16h00 job. BUT the reward is also way better in terms of making a difference in the lives of others. When you see change – real change in someone’s eyes – it touches you forever and leaves a legacy for life. – Leona Pienaar, Executive Manager of PR and Resource Development for Mould, Empower, Serve (MES)

The work you do has an impact on all of our lives, even if we are not aware of it, and we thank and commend you for all your selfless love & hard work. Now it’s OUR turn to offer YOU a helping hand.


The number of NPO’s has grown exponentially in the last few years reaching over 200,000 across South Africa. With decreased international funding, insufficient resources and more competition for limited funds, it’s become necessary for our communities and companies to come together and offer support.

Brownie Points is a digital platform that helps connect people and companies to charities and good causes, making it easy, fun and rewarding to make a difference.

By signing up with Brownie points as your digital partner & helping hand, we will use our platform and conjoint skills to share your NPO’s needs across the Brownie Points website and social media platforms, calling for action from our volunteers & corporate partners such as Shoprite and RMB to come together and assist in the areas you need it the most, including monetary donations, product donations, and volunteering.

Our reviews from a few of our NPO’s:
“Brownie Points is phenomenal and do the utmost for NPO’s.”
-Touch Community service

“We are extremely grateful for all the assistance and help towards making our NPO
excellent!” -Halli Trust

At Brownie points we don’t want your NPO to just survive we want you to #thrive! We send our volunteers’ personal reminders to keep your cause top of-mind & hold them accountable for showing up to meet your needs. At the end of volunteer work, we collect feedback from each volunteers’ experience, providing you with new content and opportunities to increase your engagement. We also upload regular blog posts to keep NPO’s inspired, up-to-date with current trends and equipped with shared knowledge for sustainable business practice.

Signing up your NPO with Brownie Points:

Step 1: Log on to Brownie Points
Step 2: Create a profile
Step 3: Create a cause.

The process is quick and easy and we even offer support from start to finish ensuring you provide all the correct information for potential donors and volunteers.



We look forward to supporting you the way you have supported our country.

The Brownie Points team.
[email protected]

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