Durban City Clean Up
09 Oct
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The Power of Volunteering: Durban City Clean Up

On Sunday 1 October, close on 100 strangers joined hands across the promenade as part of the Durban City Clean Up, and in a matter of hours, collected over 400kg of litter.

As the driving force behind the city clean ups, I partnered with city runs host, Stillwater Sports. The purpose behind the partnership? Before we bring runners together to experience the city, and welcome in visitors, we need to bring the community together in an effort to clean the streets.

The clean ups do a lot more than simply leave our streets clean, these clean ups unite communities with a shared sense of pride and ownership.


This goes a long way towards uplifting communities and stopping crime.

We were also joined by over 20 students from a local school, taking time out their holidays to be part of the solution. They refreshed and rejuvenated us with their youthful dancing, playing and laughing, all while making a difference.

Durban City Clean Up

The Dundan Waste Services also joined forces with the Durban City Clean Up, putting teams out on the road and driving a branded truck with loud speakers, educating people to recycle and put their waste in a bin. The Municipality is committed to aggressively address litter in the city, with two clean ups a week.

Through local coverage on local radio stations and in the news papers, the clean ups create a huge amount of awareness around the amount of litter and the impact this has on our environment. This essentially leads to people making better decisions when purchasing goods, becoming aware that plastic cups or bags are non biodegradable, and after just one use, will either end up in our streets, rivers, oceans or landfills- forever.

Two local volunteers have realised there is a serious need for regular clean ups, and have committed to hosting more events in their communities, with the hope of encouraging people to stop littering, change their buying habits, and start upcycling and recycling.

This hugely successful event once again demonstrated the power of volunteering.


Durban City Clean Up

We salute every single person from the students and residents to the corporates and government who joined hands with Still Water Sports, CN&CO and PETCO to make a difference.

Together we can leave the world a better place for our kids and future generations.

If you want to be a part of our next success story, sign up to Brownie Points as a volunteer and start making a difference in our world.

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Blake Dyason
Blake Dyason, the founder of Love Our Trails, is an outdoor enthusiast and proudly South African. He leads by example, believing we all have a responsibility to make a positive difference in the world around us. In 2014 Blake dedicated his health, vitality and mobility to inspiring others and driving positive human behaviour change.

I would like to be one of Browniepoints volunteer for Durban city clean up since i am the Environmental student.

Thank you

Hi Nomathemba, great news! Send us an email at [email protected] and we will help you out 🙂

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