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Our Startupbootcamp Journey – The Pressure Is On!

It’s been another 4 weeks in Startupbootcamp’s (SBC) “Startup in the Fast Lane” programme. A lot has been happening, and all at the same time too.

Without further ado, here’s a taste of what Brownie Points has been getting up to for weeks 3 to 6:


Talking with giants:

Week 3 was all about getting to know SBC’s corporate sponsors better. This time, they were pitching their companies to us. We had the pleasure of hearing more about RCS, Woolworths Financial Services and Old Mutual. And, we even chatted to the good folks from The Foschini Group.



All startups start out with an initial set of assumptions that they want to base their business on and should (ideally) validate as soon as possible. Here’s a quick tip:

“List all your assumptions, choose the high-impact assumptions (those assumptions that – if proven wrong – could destroy your business) and validate them using quick and dirty methods like cold-calling or asking members of a Facebook group.”

We were rudely reminded how true the saying “assumptions are the mother of all fudge-ups” is. Having said that, our moods quickly lightened as we discovered how easy it is to adapt when you’re not overly attached to your business model.


Cartel House – where connections happen:

Week 5 proved to be a plethora of conversations and potential opportunities. At the Cartel House, we had the pleasure of hearing more about our fellow co-workers at Inner City Ideas Cartel, including The Duchess, a virgin gin and tonic company. If you ever find yourself in Loop Street, pop by and check it out. And also not to miss is Cafe Du Cap – Cape Town’s own piece of French heaven.


Lessons on selling, feeding the hungry and providing value:

Our sixth week started off with a lively talk by Clive Butkow, former COO of Accenture turned venture capitalist, on his top 10 lessons on how to sell to businesses. This energising talk was a summary of over 30 years of B2B selling wisdom. We then rallied the troops for World Homeless Day to help Ladles of Love fill some hungry bellies. What an experience!

The next day, we went back to basics: one of our mentors reminded us that a startup’s value proposition is THE most important thing. Forget the product and your revenue model… what problems are you actually solving?

And so to wrap up, my key takeaway from the last few weeks is:

Be focused, know and prioritise the 20% that will give you 8% of the results, and be fearless – unapologetically give it all you got!

Stay tuned to our Startupbootcamp blog series for more stories from our incredible journey.


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