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06 Dec
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Our Startupbootcamp Journey – Demo Day!

Today I am really excited to share the last stretch of our profound Startupbootcamp journey with you. Here’s how it all went down. 


Startup Mistakes

Last week, we had the privilege of hearing passionate Startupbootcamp Co-Founder, Patrick de Zeeuw, speak about 30 ways startups unknowingly stand in their own way to success. I was not surprised that most startup mistakes had to do with passion, commitment and – above all – the team.

The team is the most important factor of success, and having the right people on board is crucial to whether your startup ship sinks or sails.

While Patrick also mentioned needing to have a good idea you feel totally obsessed about (I had the idea for Brownie Points for 6 years before making it a reality), I could not have done any of it without my team. Each team member has added their own flavour and footprint to our platform, resulting in a harmonic smorgasbord of tech, designs and stories aimed at uplifting South Africa and its passionate people.


Breathe. Pitch. Repeat.

The last 2 weeks were about pitching. Not just daily, but all the time. I rehearsed my pitch in the shower, in the car on my way to the office… everywhere.

It is surprising how one can turn something as unnatural as a scripted pitch into a conversational speech that can inspire others. After repeating my pitch 1000 times, I felt ready for the big day.


Lights, Camera, Action!

And finally, after 13 weeks of intense and often frustrating work, Demo Day arrived.

We rehearsed our pitch one more time, before getting into our Demo Day outfits and watching the crowds arrive. I waited in the “Green Room” with my fellow startup founders, and nervously watched one after the other go on stage and deliver their pitches. After enduring both good and bad moments with these 9 founders and their teams for 3 months, I was filled with pride to call them my friends.

And then the moment came for me to deliver my pitch. My heart started beating twice as fast as I walked on stage and listened to Kieno introduce me to the 400 people I’d have to captivate in 6 minutes.

As I started talking, I realised that everything we did for 3 months led up to this moment. Undergoing 3 days of final selection, attending all those workshops and meetings, not knowing how we’d get it all done…

After what seemed like 30 seconds, I thanked the crowd and walked off. What a rush!

We rounded off the final startup pitches before watching Zach give one of the most heart-warming speeches in Startupbootcamp history.

You can watch the live recording here, or wait for the full video to be shared on Startupbootcamp Cape Town soon.

The time at our stand was filled with stimulating questions and conversations with potential partners, clients and investors. We even met a Swiss gentleman, who would like to explore the possibility of making brownie points an official cryptocurrency.

Imagine a world where you could help the causes you are passionate about, connect with old and new friends, share invaluable experiences and earn brownie points which can be converted into any currency.

Our ‘Bitcoin for Philanthropy’ dream of creating a global shared value economy that creates exponential impact might not be so far off…

Thank you too to all our readers out there who walking this journey with us! We are so grateful for your support. To recap our full Startupbootcamp Journey from start to finish, check out our previous posts, and stay tuned for more exciting news coming from Brownie Points soon!


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