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The Do More Foundation broke the world record with 108,000 sandwiches in 1 hour!

Today the world celebrated World Food Day, a day dedicated to drawing attention to world hunger.

The stats are frightening. Approximately 870 million undernourished people in the world and an estimate of 13 million South Africans going hungry every day.

The Do More Foundation set an ambitious goal to break a world record by making 100,000 sandwiches in 1 hour.

They partnered with Brownie Points as the digital partner to connect volunteers to causes, set goals and track engagement and progress towards 100,000. A total of 862 public and corporate volunteers signed up, and collectively about 2,000 volunteers participated. Thanks to all the volunteers and the incredible team at The Do More Foundation, they broke the world record with 108,000 sandwiches. Congratulations!


For me what was amazing about the entire event is that an organisation can catalyze and mobilise people if they have a good idea… a vision which excites people. You can mobilise the public and private sector, you can mobilise the media and you can get people to work together to do something significant. And for me this was the perfect example of corporates coming together, the public coming together, and doing something meaningful raising the issues around food security for young children. None of this could have been done without collaboration and partnership. One organisation could never ever have achieved this and there were so many parties involved in the success of the campaign. Thank you Brownie Points. You were a critical partner to making this a success and we look forward to working and partnering with Brownie Points next year and probably in other campaigns as well – Warren Farrer, Foundation Executive at The Do More Foundation



Brownie Points also attended the launch of SA Harvest and their first corporate client Vida E. SA Harvest aims to rescue food from stores, retailers and the hospitality industry and distribute it to the hungry, preventing food waste going into landfills and addressing world hunger. They have already rescued 5,000 meals in the first 2 months.


No person should go hungry. Happy World Food Day!

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