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07 Feb
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Viral Volunteering – The Next Big Thing?

Going viral is the latest in-thing, from Justin Bieber’s debut Youtube video to the crowning of the incorrect Miss Universe, to every unfortunate word that comes from Donald Trump’s mouth. Thanks to our hyper-quick connection to all forms of technology, all across the globe, news and information has never spread so fast.  But what if going viral could be used for good, for giving back in a meaningful way and not just for mindless entertainment?

Introducing viral volunteering – the fastest and funnest way to give back.


What is viral volunteering?

Viral volunteering, the latest web-based brainchild of the tapped-in and tuned-in millennial generation, can take a variety of forms. At its core, it is any campaign (digital or physical) or means of volunteering/ donating that grows exponentially and in real time by being shared across social media channels. It’s the next step up from micro-volunteering.

A good example of this was during The BBC Stargazing Live 2015 event when participants across the world were asked to take photographs of the eclipse at different times. These photographs were then tweeted, Instagrammed, Facebooked and shared with a wide global audience. The incredible result was the discovery of five supernovae. This wouldn’t have been possible without the connectivity and involvement of volunteers in a variety of different countries all working together for a common good.


How can I become a virtual volunteer?

If you’re keen to jump on this new bandwidth-based volunteer bandwagon, there’s lots of opportunities for you to get involved. Whereas viral volunteering is often limited to a specific time period and a specific project, virtual volunteering/ microvolunteering is available to all of us all the time.

Virtual volunteering is ideal for people of all ages, for full-time volunteers and for those with only a moment to spare here or there during the day.

All you need is access to a cellphone, laptop, or tablet, a reliable internet connection and a resolve to want to do some good in our world.

Examples of virtual volunteering can be:

  • Website design or support
  • Data entry
  • Email marketing or management
  • Fundraising phone calls and outreach
  • Social media promotion and management
  • Copywriting, blogging, or editing
  • Graphic design, photography
  • Marketing or branding assistance
  • Video creation
  • Virtual assistance, staff support


Wherever your skills and passions lie, this is where you can lend a helping hand online. And, more so than having physical needs in actual geographic locations, the daunting world of the online where NPOs often need the most help. Never underestimate how much of a big difference you can make by helping in a small way.

The best way to become a virtual volunteer is to directly contact an NPO or organization whose cause you connect with and offer your services. Another way is to sign up for a volunteer and cause matching site such as Volunteer Match, or of course – Brownie Points!

Sign up with us today to do good online and stay tuned on our Facebook page for our very own viral volunteering campaign coming out soon 😉 


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