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Be a Volunteer to Be a Better Person

Are you ready to be the best human being you can possibly be? Then forget positive affirmations, throw out those self-help books and turn off that Ted-Talk on self-development. To focus fully on your personal growth, you need to turn the focus off of yourself. Does that sound completely contradictory? At first, perhaps, but bear with me here. I’m going to tell you why volunteering your time and energy to help others be the best people they can be, is in fact the fastest track to all your own self-development goals.

Here’s 4 ways that being a volunteer leads to self-growth.


1. No More Comfort Zone

I’ll never forget this image I stumbled across a while back. It really got me thinking, do I want to spend my life clinging to comfort and familiarity? Do I want to play it safe and mundane or do I want to spread those wings and soar straight into the zone of the unknown?

When we volunteer we say no to a life of ordinary existence and yes to experiences that are new, challenging and transformative. Just as a diamond is formed under immense pressure, so too do our greatest qualities start to shine through when we find ourselves in situations that stretch us, mold us and grow us.

Volunteering in an environment you are unaccustomed to, surrounded by people different from yourself, is where you’ll find the magic of self-growth really happens.


2. Your Perspective Changes

In this new zone of the unknown your perspective on life starts to alter.

You’ll learn new ways of living you may never have encountered before.

And, through observing others from this outside vantage point, you’ll start to see yourself in a clearer light. When you look at life in a different way you notice the habits and mental models that form who you are. And most importantly, you give yourself the chance to change these if they no longer serve you.

Through volunteering you’ll cultivate empathy and understanding for your fellow humans and you’ll break down the barriers you’ve built from bricks made of biases and prejudices. You’ll tackle problems creatively, think innovatively, discover your own hidden talents and learn from the greatest teacher of all – life.


3. Your Gratitude Grows

To be the person you have always wanted to be, you first have to be grateful for who you are right now. Gratitude is a super strong force, and when we remember to give thanks everyday, we make way for all kinds of expansion and growth to fill our life.

When you volunteer you start to see just how much you have and in turn you learn that you can live with so much less. You appreciate the simplest of resources like running water, a flushing loo or a hot meal before bed. You begin to recognise all the small things you take for granted everyday and you make it your mission to grant equal access to these resources for everyone.

Through giving the gift of gratitude and selflessly serving others you allow deeper contentment and self-fulfillment to well up inside. This spurs you to see how awesome you already are, and how even more awesome you can still be.


4. What You Give is What You Get

Here’s the trick – give without expecting anything in return and the fortunes you receive will be manifold. Ghandi said it best when he said:


“Be the change you want to see in the world”.


Helping others improve their situation in life subconsciously motivates you to improve your situation and yourself too. Giving of yourself through volunteering helps you to feel good about yourself. These feelings of positivity and self-worth can be harnessed to propel other areas of your life. Volunteering builds self-esteem and motivation as you directly experience the fruits of your labour and you see how the smallest action can change someone`s day or even their entire life.

When you spend your time volunteering you`ll realise you have so much more time to spend. And when you give love to others you realise just how much love you have to give to yourself too.

So, are you ready to kick-start your self-growth? Sign up to become a Brownie Points volunteer and get rewarded for being a better you.


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