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We are the Champions: The New Age of Volunteering

We all know of one or two special nonprofits or charities that are close to our heart. These could be the local animal shelter where we adopted our dog(s), or a nature conservation group that allows us to enjoy the outdoors more.

We often think of these organisations as everyday heroes, who dedicate their time and energy to making the world a better place and helping the most vulnerable. This inspires us to pay it forward; to “help the helpers” by supporting them.

Most nonprofits rely on their community for donations and volunteers. Sometimes, however, we cannot donate to our favourite organisations directly or cannot find the time in our busy schedules to volunteer and wish we could help more.

Maximise the good you do

Luckily, there’s another (very empowering) way to support your nonprofits. How about becoming their Champion, a digital volunteer who rallies support on their behalf from wherever you are? This kind of volunteering taps into an exponential network effect, where one person acts as a catalyst to activate more to support a worthy cause. We see this effect with word-of-mouth marketing, where people are more inclined to take action after getting a recommendation from a friend.

By championing a cause, you could support your favourite nonprofit more than making a donation or attending a volunteering event.

Ready to be a Champion?

Unlock the multiplier effect for good!

  1. Sign up to Brownie Points.
  2. Invite your nonprofit – Head over to Brownie Points and invite your nonprofit. They’ll get their own customised Nonprofit profile, as well as get listed on the Brownie Points Nonprofit Directory to reach more fans.
  3. Create a cause – Create a fundraising, goods or volunteering cause on their behalf and select your newly invited nonprofit as the beneficiary. Your nonprofit admin will be able to co-manage the cause with you and receive notifications when new supporters sign up.
  4. Share! – Spread the good news far and wide and
  5. Changemaker profile – Track how much support you can generate. Your profile – and your nonprofit’s profile – will show a live activity feed of all the good actions you take.

Coming soon…

Our team at Brownie Points loves supporting Champions. We believe that they are the bridge between charities and their communities. At Brownie Points, we’ve seen Champions everywhere! At schools, the workplace and amongst those who have retired. Everyone likes to do meaningful things.

And this is why we’re planning to celebrate Champions! Here’s what you can look forward to in the upcoming months:

  • Earn brownie points for actions you take for your nonprofits!
  • Rank on the Brownie Points changemaker leaderboard.
  • Share your unique link and see how many good actions come from it.
  • Collect a special badge after your favourite nonprofits endorse you as a Champion.

If you’d like to be a Champion at your company or school, go for it! Invite your company or school to Brownie Points and choose to host your cause for your organisation. Don’t worry, Brownie Points has a free plan for all organisations.

If you work for a nonprofit, you can sign up to Brownie Points to access a community of Champions to unlock more opportunities.

And now, some cool tunes to get you going…

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