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You are Abundant

We’ve been brought up in a culture of lack. Parents and teachers dutifully drumming age-old (and positively expired) mental models into our minds. No you can’t have this, no we can’t afford that, no you’ll never be good enough for any of it… Instead of being told how much we do have, and are capable of having, we grow up thinking we are destitute and despair, born into a world of similarly disparaging people.

So we lose hope and gain helplessness.

Unfortunately, the consequences of this unconsciousness is that we not only deny ourselves all the riches and wonders of the world and human experience, but we deny others too. How could we possibly give to someone else when we barely have enough to get on with by ourselves? So we grow suspicious and stingy, clinging dearly to what little we have, our comforting notion of lack, and failing to grasp that we are in fact infinitely abundant.

It’s high time we flipped this way of thinking and moved into the naturally flowing law of abundance.  Below are three tips to tip you into a more receiving and generous mindset.


Be Grateful

Instead of constantly telling yourself how much you don’t have, how about telling yourself how much you do have. As humans we tend to tally up the negative and forget to bring balance by counting the blessings too.  Be grateful for everything in your life from the shoes on your feet to the smiles you get on the street. Before you get out of bed in the morning cultivate a felling of gratitude by mentally saying thanks for three aspects of your life; carry a gratitude rock in your pocket and remember to say thanks each time you touch it, or simply write a list of all the wonderful people and experiences you have in your life.

Expressing gratitude is the most powerful way of opening the gates of abundance.

Whatever we have and are truly grateful for, the universe responds by bringing even more of this to us. This is not so we solely can bask in bounties of abundance, but so that we can share our good fortune and wealth with others.


Rethink Money

When you sit down at a restaurant do you find yourself skimming over all the menu items above a certain price range?  I used to (and still do!) this a lot. We tell ourselves we can’t afford certain pleasures or that they’re way overpriced, no matter how much we’d actually love to experience them. This way of thinking about expenditure is all wrong. We think that by spending money or giving it away that we are depleting our sources; but in fact it is this way of thinking that has impoverished us. When we spend or give from a full heart with full knowledge that there is always more where that came from, we start experiencing something quite exceptional. Increased flows of cash start swimming towards us. Without getting too metaphysical here, everything is energy, including money, so if you want more of it, you have to release it to keep the flow going.


Keep Good Karma Cycling

We’ve all heard the saying “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you”, this holy lesson is embedded (albeit in varying expressions) in all the world’s religions. Basically what this comes down to, is that what you do to (or for) one, you do the same to yourself.  Ever felt that warming rush of feel-good vibes zooming through you when you help someone out or spare some change? That’s because, by doing a good deed for them, you have in fact done this good deed to yourself too. Contrarily, you may have noticed how rotten you feel when you don’t put out your hand to help even though you know you could, and then feel the pangs of shame and regret. So let’s keep the good vibes flowing always by being kind and generous to our fellow human beings, and so in turn, being kind and generous to ourselves.


Ready to tip your scales of generosity and spread infinite abundance? Join our band of merry volunteers and start getting rewarded for the good deeds you do. 


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